Professionalism is vital to the success of any business or organization. It projects an image of the company to the public, whether positive or negative. Health care professionals have a unique responsibility to not only care for the wellbeing of an individual, but to display professionalism while doing so. So, what does professionalism look like? Let's start with your medical uniform. Presenting yourself in a clean, crisp uniform lets others know you are ready for your duties that day. At Meridy's Uniforms, we provide nursing students with customized clinical uniforms that stand up to the demands of the medical profession. Our Nano-tex fabric is stain and spill resistant, helping nursing students to continue looking professional.

Meridy's provides customized nursing student uniforms to over 350 programs nationwide. We can take any school logo, slogan, and/or colors and help design a professional customized student uniform that makes your nursing students easy to identify. Using colored sleeve trim, patches, and/or embroidered school logos, nursing students will be remembered by their professional appearance.

Once you select Meridy's as your provider, we will set up your program's personalized website which will allow your students to easily place and pay for their own student nursing uniform orders. All orders are shipped directly to the nursing student, and they will be able to exchange or return their customized nursing student uniforms and/or clinical accessories if needed within 30 days. Our customer service team is available Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 5 pm EST and Friday 9am - 12pm EST to help nursing students with any ordering questions they may have.

Of course, professionalism is more than wearing an ironed customized nursing student uniform. There are other aspects nursing students may be taught along the way. Having a positive attitude is important, but encourage them to go the extra mile and look for ways to improve themselves. Support them in efforts to work well with others and constantly look for better ways to resolve conflict. By exhibiting these qualities, nursing students will not only reflect a positive image of the facility they are working for, but they may also inspire others to pick up these qualities.