In attending various nurse educators’ conventions and tradeshows, Meridy’s Uniforms has the opportunity to visit one on one with the faculty of many of the nursing schools thatwe service with our customized student nursing uniforms. During this time, nursing faculty will give us theirperspective on how Meridy’s is servicing their nursing students.

As we are now traveling to various conventions throughout the country during the earlier part of this year, we are taking in a lot of great feedback. Nursing Schools that we service are sharing with us what the nursing students are saying. Here are just a few of the comments in regards to our nursing student’s uniforms as well as our customer service:

“Meridy’s customized student nursing uniforms are holding up very well during clinicals.”

“We receive many comments on how professional our nursing student’s uniforms look.”

“One of our students had to exchange their student uniforms, and Meridy’s quickly took care of the student.”

“The nursing students have stated how easy it is for them to take care of their student nursing uniforms.”

“Even towards to the end of clinicals, the nursing student’s uniforms are still very white and bright.”

While it is always encouraging to hear positive comments about our customized student nursing uniforms and customer service, we know that there are times when things just might not go exactly as they should. We listen to these comments as well and work to address any issues that may be outstanding. While we cannot guarantee perfection, we can guarantee that we will do our best to make things right.

At Meridy’s we work hard to make sure that we take care of the nursing students from start to finish. We have a very easy ordering process that allows nursing students to go on line and select their customized nursing student uniform along with other items needed for clinicals. The orders ship directly to the nursing students, who are able to exchange or return their items if needed within 30 days.

Our Nano-tex Line of Customized Student Nursing Uniforms is definitely our most popular line due to the styles and the stain & spill resistant features of the fabric. To learn more go to and check out our on-line catalog. Sample Uniforms are free for schools upon request.