Nursing Student Uniforms are one of the most talked about and most reviewed items whendiscussing the professional appearance of nursing students in the clinicalsetting. It is no wonder it is a highly searched item for information on theinternet. Nursing faculty want to have an easy way to have their nursingstudents stand out in a crowded clinical setting.

It is not only important for faculty to spot nursing students easily but the staff of the hospital will need to be able to do that as well. In some areas,nursing schools are sharing time at the same clinical site and staff members can become confused as to which school the nursing students are representing. This becomes important when clinical sites review what schools they will allow onsite for training. If students do not look professional in their nursing student uniforms, the facility may decide to allow another school with a more professional nursing student uniform to take their place. As a result, this can affect many aspects of a nursing program’s growth.

At Meridy’s we understand that nursing students represent the schools they attend. Nursing students need to reflect the qualities and standards oftheir school and what better way to do that than with a customized nursing student uniform from Meridy’s (

Meridy’s provides a professional look that can feature your school logo, schoolpatch and school colors. If you would like to learn more about stain and spillresistant customized nursing student uniforms that can set your nursingstudents apart, email Meridy’s at

Over 350 programs nationwide know how Meridy’s Uniforms can take care ofyour nursing student uniform needs.

Nano-tex Fabric

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