It’s all about first impressions.  Often, the initial, lasting impression made by your medical school is visual.  It begins with uniforms for your clinical students that simultaneously exude function and style.  It begins with Meridy’s student nursing uniforms. 

Your vendor selection criteria should include:

  • Uniforms that say “professional”
  • Style options that combine form and function
  • Great fit and Durability 
  • Third Party Payment Options
  • Responsive customer service
  • Simplified ordering for your busy students
  • Direct deliveries to students

 Why Meridy’s student nursing uniforms?  Because Meridy’s will tailor a website for your student body.  Once you select Meridy’s as your provider, we will take care of your students by allowing them to easily place, track, and pay for their own orders.  Finally, we’ll deliver uniforms that convey a professional look while standing up to the daily wear and tear of a nursing career.

There are reasons why companies have uniforms.  They want to establish a common image.  They want to project professionalism and expertise.  Finally, a staff of nursing students dressed in crisp, matching attire helps assure patient peace of mind.

So if someone asks you why you chose Meridy’s nursing uniforms, you can give them lots of good reasons:  simplicity, style, selection and service.  Then, you can have them take a look at your nursing students to confirm you made the best choice for you and your future nurses.

Meridy’s student nursing uniforms…medical attire that works.