Nursing Students experience some very stressful situations during their clinical rotations.  As it seems with most things in life, everything will happen at once and one can quickly feel overwhelmed.

Here are some basic tips to help nursing students not only survive, but also thrive during their nursing school clinicals.


It sounds so easy, just lie down, close your eyes, and drift off to sleep as you did as a child.  The only thing now is that when you close your eyes, you see images of the book you just read and you start thinking will be on the test or is that paper due tomorrow or next week.  It is not so easy to shut out the world and relax.  Studies show that having a nightly ritual that you do before you go to bed each night to be helpful. So, give a few yoga moves a try or perhaps some herbal tea.  Make sure you sleep well so that you can do well. 


It is important to remember that you are in school to learn and when we learn we most always make mistakes; that is why they call it learning. Stay focused on what you are doing now and do not fret about tomorrow. Striving for excellence is a wonderful thing but do not confuse it with perfection.


“Wash your hands,” it is what your mom always said and it what you should do. It is surprising how complacent we can get. Wash your hands before and after every single activity, whether it is patient contact, answering a phone, picking up a chart, or typing on a computer: WASH YOUR HANDS.

Be Prepared

Show up to clinicals on time prepared and you will eliminate most obstacles. This can be as simple as having the right equipment for the day or by going the extra mile to study ahead and know the topic of the day inside and out. Being prepared is a conscious effort and does not happen by chance but by purpose.

Enjoy Yourself

Keep things loose but respectful.  Learn to laugh at yourself while still seeing the need to be better.  It is always easier to learn when you enjoy what you are doing.  Laughter is the best medicine.  It can ease the stress of an uncomfortable situation or help you realize that maybe it was not so tough after all.

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