Nursing students have an exceptional advantage over the average undergraduate student because they spend numerous hours gaining work experience in a real live hospital environment.  This experience comes with the responsibility of maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor, which maintains positive working relationships between universities and cooperating hospitals. Professional custom clinical uniforms can go a long way in helping to maintain that valuable professional cooperation.  The impression nursing students make on the hospital administration, staff, and the patients they serve, form a foundation for their potential nursing employment later on.

First Impressions are Lasting.  When nursing students begin their rotations for the first time, their physical appearance is all that hospital staff and patients have when forming their first impressions. Meridy's Uniforms has a wide range of custom clinical uniforms for students, in a variety of styles and colors,  to ensure that nursing students look sharp, professional, and ready to tackle the challenges that lay ahead of them. A professional appearance helps to inspire the professional behavior required to make a good impression on hospital personnel.

Custom Clinical Uniforms Stand Out.  While scrubs have come a long way in the past few decades, they do not compare with the look of custom clinical uniforms. Many hospitals have working relationships with multiple nursing schools. Schools can help their nursing students to stand out from the crowd by ordering clinical uniforms that make a positive impact. A school's choice of uniform can help its students appear the best prepared to enter their career field when they graduate from their nursing program.

Custom Clinical Uniforms Can Display Nursing School Branding. Meridy's can take any school's logo, slogan, and/or colors and help to design a professional clinical uniform that is tailored specifically to that school's aesthetic. Using colored sleeve trim, patches, and embroidered school logos, nursing students will be remembered by their professional appearance, and credit will be appropriately directed to their respective nursing program.

Stain Resistant Fabrics Maintain a Fresh Look.  Only the highest quality and most durable fabrics are used by Meridy's for creating custom clinical uniforms. The fabrics are stain and spill resistant. They're easy to care for, which means they can endure the toughest of hospital situations and still emerge from the washer and dryer looking like new.  

Meridy's helpful customer service representatives can be contacted to answer questions or to provide information regarding their professional, custom clinical uniforms.  With excellent exchange and return policies, Meridy's Uniforms guarantees customer satisfaction.